Monday, March 07, 2005

CHESTERFIELD PUBS: The Odd Couple to the Omar Pasha Inn

RED PUBS are now closed.
GREEN PUBS have undergone a change of name but are still open.
BLUE PUBS are open.

ODD COUPLE, The; The Brushes, Sheepbridge.
A 1990s refurb and re-name of the old Railway Inn.

OLD ANGEL INN, The; Packer's Row, Chesterfield.
Closed during World War Two on the grounds of proliferation, as well as the place's general dereliction. It was accessed via a yard just north of Turner's drapery. The site now concealed behind shops.

OLD FARM INN, The; 105 Highfield Road, Chesterfield.
Opened in the 1950s to serve estates being built around the Highfield Hall Farm area.

OLD FEATHERS, The; 26 Lordsmill Street, Chesterfield.
An interesting-looking Kimberley Ales pub. Time was called on this pub on a fairly regular basis for about ten years, but it stood agai9nst the odds. After years of uncertainty it finally closed in 2002 and was demolished in November 2003. Our municipal luminaries have allowed a ghastly box containing offices and a fast food outlet to rise from the ruins.

OLD FOUNTAIN, The; Saltergate, Chesterfield.
Later The Corner House.

OLD LOCK-UP, The; South Place, Chesterfield.
Previously "Daniel O'Connell." Went in the "Dog Kennels" clearance. According to Tatler, this was the old town gaol! The place went in the "Dog Kennels" clearance of 1909.

OLD PHEASANT, The; Chatsworth Road, Brampton.
"The Terminus" was built on or near the site of this pub, which closed at the time that the Terminus opened, around 1905.

OLD SHIP INN, The; St Mary's Gate, Chesterfield.
Reportedly the last thatched building in the town centre, the Old Ship was demolished and replaced by a far more grand Ship Inn in 1887. This in its turn fell in the 1920s and the name was transferred across St Mary's Gate to the place that became the Galleon Club and is currently Ritter's. This place very nearly gets a green title, though, since the Barracuda Bar has, by chance, opened in premises built on the site of the Old Ship.

OLD WHEATSHEAF, The; Church Lane, Chesterfield.

OLDE HOUSE, The; Loundsley Green Road, Newbold.
Now the Trading Post. Converted from a farm house. When first opened (as a Berni-type place, if memory serves) it was pretty posh. Conversion to the Trading Post brough the addition of play facilities for kids.

OMAR PASHA INN, The; Church Way, Chesterfield.
Omar Pasha commanded the Turks (our allies) in the Crimean War. This pub was swallowed up by the first "Crooked Spire"

O'NEILL'S; 16 Stephenson Place, Chesterfield.
Once The "Lord Nelson," O'Neill's was one of a themed "Irish bar" chain that didn't seem to strike a chord with the town's Irish community. It soon conceded defeat and sought a more local identity as the "Twisted Pinnacle."

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Old Star; Loads Road, Holymoorside.
Closed 1959